Saturday, 8 January 2011

New Year Resolution

It's 2011!

The resolution is to write as often as possible about myself and my passion for photography, good food, cinema, travel, crafting and anything else that comes to mind!

It is a rather grey day in London --yep that's where I 'm blogging from-- and  believe me there are quite a few of this type of days around here ;)

To start I am going show off my cooking skills so let me post a couple of pictures of what I cooked today and NO this is not a Julie&Julia kind of blog... I don't cook that often!  hence why I am showing off!

If you guessed pizza and brownies you get... Well nothing really! just to look at them!

I hope you enjoyed the sight, it certainly was tasty...

I am going to close here my FIRST post so until next time...

Peace to everyone,


-if you have an interest in photography why not visit my website here -x

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