Sunday, 26 June 2011

Summer's day!

Hey all,

I hope you are ready for the summer day coming! It was boiling today though and tomorrow is going to be just as hot! AC here I come!

Well the nature is surely ready for it in full bloom!

Have a great week!



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Monday, 20 June 2011

The Cutest

Hey all,

what do i love the most about taking photos?

Taking photos of gorgeous people... even small people! Ed you are so cute I needn't say any more!

This kid melts your heart! Thank you for being so playful and camera careless!!!

Thank you mom Jenny for bringing to the world such a cutie and for bringing him to the park!

Have a great week,

Peace x

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Saturday, 11 June 2011

Have you heard of Wandle?

I went for a walk down the river Wandle in search for... well not sure what it was, but I didn't find it!

I found instead a nice quite atmosphere, people strolling around and some having a laaaaaaaaaate lunch (3pm)!

While I am at it I figure I would also tell that at the Abbey Mill, there is a festival starting in July, if any of you live around the area... closest tube station would be Collier's wood on the Northern Line.

Here are some shot of my short stroll...




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Photographer or baker?

Hey guys,

Long time no see... well, all my own doing I admit! I have been busy with exams, but thank goodness that's all over for now so I can come back to blogging for awhile without interruptions!

One News before I dive into my question... I am now officially a Twitter-er! yep I have my twitter account @antonphotograph! I was actually very surprised it was not yet taken! Guess I am lucky! So get Twitting!

I have to admit my passion for photography is not a bit less than it was before, it just happens I am also a decent baker! And I tell you something... I enjoy the result of the baking!!! and I am not alone!

So should I pursue the baking career? Well in this times of economic struggle I would not mind to sell a few cakes! LOL If you guys need it, let me know!

I hope the following pics tickle you appetite or the sweet tooth! By the way this was my first attempt at cheesecake... I might be just first time lucky but "boy it's delicious!"

Have a great weekend!



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