Friday, 23 December 2011

Julia Child

I forgot such an important part of my trip to the USA... I got so close to Julia Child like I never would have thought I could. Tami took us to the museum of American History in Washington and to my delight... Julia's kitchen was there... So I had to pose with the greatest smiles of all...

- Tami and In Julia's kitchen.... What a nice surprise!

Happy Christmas

Leaving home and J for Christmas in Italy... See u in the New Year beloved and best wishes for a wonderful Christmas and a Fantastic start of 2012!

-Happy Holidays,

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Christmas lunch and Winter Wonderland

Today was lunch at the Chicago Ribshack Restaurant with some lovely people I have the pleasure to work with. Thank you guys for coming and have a wonderful Holiday Season!
Here are some pics:
- Starters

-ready for my baby ribs

-someone has a new career prospect... In modelling ...

-HALF baby ribs! Yummmmmm

-French fries

- Mel' burger

-Jarrad's burger

- me,Aisha,Afreen and Mel

-tourist shot

-entering Winter Wonderland at Hyde park

- mulled wine it is

-pretty light-rides

-hmmmm candies do I see?

-more rides

-back to Knightsbridge and Harrod's

Location:London, UK

That time of the year!

Hello everyone, it's been some time since my last blog... I have been quieter with the picture taking and that's due to my courses at University.
I am still involved in those my I thought I would post a blog about my hand made Christmas cards...
Letterpressed one by one, in gold and red on cotton paper. They look amazing... Here's a couple of pictures to show you.
I used the letterpress tool from Quickutz and the Cuttlebug for letterpressing and inks from Intaglio shop in Borough London.
This all cards making and gathering addresses and listening to festive music is making me feel the Holiday Season's spirit!
Peace to all

Location:London, UK

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Is London the same?

Now, I know a few of you will think I am talking rubbish (as I often do indeed) but this time my dear reader I am not! (so he says).
A looooooooooooooooooooooooong journey back from Stansted airport, after a delayed flight, revealed a London I don't ever remember seeing.
As the bus (and I shall not mention the company as they are not the Elite... and a person like me should never travel so 'low down') was approaching Westminster (I could tell it was, by the big clock... forgot the name ...mmm... oh yeah! the Big Ben) I saw 'trashed' people on the streets, trash (rubbish) and general filth I have not encountered before in central London...
The only answer was the following question: 'Is London at 2 am not so pretty when you are sober?'.
It could very well be that I was extremely tired by the long journey (my journey began at 8.30pm driving to the airport) but I have a feeling it also has to do with a great 'pair of goggles' we get given with the booze!
So tell me... Is it the same London the one we see after leaving the club/bar?
From my experience of last night/this morning, it isn't!
Oh and I think the number of foxes estimated to be walking around London's streets is 'well underestimated'! I thought they were the new gangsters!


Sunday, 26 June 2011

Summer's day!

Hey all,

I hope you are ready for the summer day coming! It was boiling today though and tomorrow is going to be just as hot! AC here I come!

Well the nature is surely ready for it in full bloom!

Have a great week!



DSC 0012DSC 0153DSC 0169DSC 0158

Monday, 20 June 2011

The Cutest

Hey all,

what do i love the most about taking photos?

Taking photos of gorgeous people... even small people! Ed you are so cute I needn't say any more!

This kid melts your heart! Thank you for being so playful and camera careless!!!

Thank you mom Jenny for bringing to the world such a cutie and for bringing him to the park!

Have a great week,

Peace x

DSC 0015

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Have you heard of Wandle?

I went for a walk down the river Wandle in search for... well not sure what it was, but I didn't find it!

I found instead a nice quite atmosphere, people strolling around and some having a laaaaaaaaaate lunch (3pm)!

While I am at it I figure I would also tell that at the Abbey Mill, there is a festival starting in July, if any of you live around the area... closest tube station would be Collier's wood on the Northern Line.

Here are some shot of my short stroll...




DSC 0032DSC 0038DSC 0035DSC 0036DSC 0034DSC 0043DSC 0053

Photographer or baker?

Hey guys,

Long time no see... well, all my own doing I admit! I have been busy with exams, but thank goodness that's all over for now so I can come back to blogging for awhile without interruptions!

One News before I dive into my question... I am now officially a Twitter-er! yep I have my twitter account @antonphotograph! I was actually very surprised it was not yet taken! Guess I am lucky! So get Twitting!

I have to admit my passion for photography is not a bit less than it was before, it just happens I am also a decent baker! And I tell you something... I enjoy the result of the baking!!! and I am not alone!

So should I pursue the baking career? Well in this times of economic struggle I would not mind to sell a few cakes! LOL If you guys need it, let me know!

I hope the following pics tickle you appetite or the sweet tooth! By the way this was my first attempt at cheesecake... I might be just first time lucky but "boy it's delicious!"

Have a great weekend!



DSC 0021

DSC 0022

DSC 0024

DSC 0025


Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Blogging... the blog!

I know... sounds like a silly thing to say, but I thought: I am now back with my blogging, hopefully I keep it daily or almost, and so why not blog about it?

Checklist: Laptop... check, power... check, internet... cheeeeeeeeeck, ideas... check, pictures... plenty of checks!!!

I AM GOOD to go!

Happy Tuesday everyone... it's nice to be back finally! x


DSC 0017

Monday, 23 May 2011

It finally Happened!

Yes finally the technology of Internet is back in my possession and I can finally come back to blogging! What is life without the "community"?

What would you feel like if you were going to be isolated from all those digital friends and acquaintances? I tell you... it's sad, annoying and it makes you feel isolated!

But all that is history and I am back! And yes... in a spring/summery mood!

Happy week!!!



DSC 0076

Monday, 7 March 2011

Am I that old?

Guys I need to check....

Is this manometer a sign I am too old if I recognise it?

Jeez I am sure I used these not too long ago in Italy! Please, please... say you know what it is!!! Seeing this at an antique market freaked me out! It made me feel like an old furniture!

Well at least I have never played with one of these!!!
But man, I wish I had played with one of those balls! Awesome crafting beauty!!!
I clearly am becoming too old... or so I think, when one becomes nostalgic, well... he is getting old! :(
Happy Week! x


Sunday, 6 March 2011

Markets Sunday!

What a lively experience!
Today I went with buddy photographer Afreen to Spitafield Market and Brick Lane, despite the cold weather (brrrrrrrr....) we had an amazing day!
Shall we call it a temptation day? Everywhere you walk, not 10 mt from each other are food stalls! and all I got myself was a cup of "mulled wine" that kept me warm!
Brick Lane is an amazing, vibrant and young part of town! Loved it!
Well no need to say much else, I'll leave to the pictures to give you a sense for the great afternoon!

Happy Sunday