Monday, 7 March 2011

Am I that old?

Guys I need to check....

Is this manometer a sign I am too old if I recognise it?

Jeez I am sure I used these not too long ago in Italy! Please, please... say you know what it is!!! Seeing this at an antique market freaked me out! It made me feel like an old furniture!

Well at least I have never played with one of these!!!
But man, I wish I had played with one of those balls! Awesome crafting beauty!!!
I clearly am becoming too old... or so I think, when one becomes nostalgic, well... he is getting old! :(
Happy Week! x


Sunday, 6 March 2011

Markets Sunday!

What a lively experience!
Today I went with buddy photographer Afreen to Spitafield Market and Brick Lane, despite the cold weather (brrrrrrrr....) we had an amazing day!
Shall we call it a temptation day? Everywhere you walk, not 10 mt from each other are food stalls! and all I got myself was a cup of "mulled wine" that kept me warm!
Brick Lane is an amazing, vibrant and young part of town! Loved it!
Well no need to say much else, I'll leave to the pictures to give you a sense for the great afternoon!

Happy Sunday

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

New Site!

Today I made a few changes to my webpage!

Go visit and tell me what you guys think! Thanks!

Happy Tuesday! x