Friday, 25 February 2011


I am delighted to have been a guest at Sarah's home today for a nice afternoon of shooting great pictures! Thank you very much for letting me into your home and allowing me to feel very relaxed and have a fun afternoon! Sorry for wrecking your home peace! LOL

To you and Monica! Girls you two ROCK!

What an honour to witness your bond! Thank you!

Talking about rocking... the song that comes to my head is: "These boots are made for walking..." Sarah one thing is for sure, STYLE is in you!
Shimmering, shining, silver shoes! Can't help it but S-it! lol

Oh was this the MJ hat? Girl you certainly can pull it out! I loved the confidence you showed when you got that on your head! I wish we had another million hats! Once again you looked gorgeous! ;-)
Is that a "I m cool I know" attitude? I love love love it!

The sun today had not willingness to show off... so we added a sun of our own!
We backlit it like no other! A sunny look for Sarah! Great fun!

One last picture...
How can one not be jealous of those eyes? contacts? Nope, she really has those amazing eyes!

Well this is all for today...

Have a great weekend!


London square mile!

It's been long enough for me to post a couple of new pictures!

Last Sunday shortly after arriving from holiday I went out with the Putney London Independent photographers group. We walked along the Thames and then into the City! Great fun day... shame the weather was not on our side!

Here are a couple of shots from the day...

Happy Friday!

Thursday, 17 February 2011


It started of with great weather... for a couple of days and then... I don't know what happened all of a sudden it turned into nasty gray skied and pouring rain!
I think we had enough rain in the last 4 days for the next 6 months! It was still snowing on the mountains which made skiing almost impossible due to bad weather.
I had bagged some great shot of a morning sunrise... the right word is "I had..." lets just say I hope I get another sunrise before I leave!

Meanwhile I got these gloomy skies :(

and some dead flower...

Happy Thursday!

Monday, 14 February 2011

Happy Valentine...


Dear reader,

Today is the day to celebrate Love...

If you, like many of us, don't have a lover... then just celebrate the love for your family, your friends and why not?... love for yourself!

Love's the fuel for many of our actions, keep a good stock of it and don't ever run low!

So today... and always..



Saturday, 12 February 2011

Sun setting behind bushes

As it becomes late afternoon, in these winter days the sun starts getting orange tinted and some magic light hits objects giving gorgeous dark shadows and backlit subjects become golden!

Love it!

Happy Sunday



I know it is late at night... isn't that when ideas start flowing?

I think I nailed it this time! I got the new logo for! well not only, the new logo for my photography work!

Please guys let me know what you think...

mint green for "anton" as: refreshing and neutral, not overwhelming and contemporary. Suitable for all seasons. The font "Meta Serif Book" is elegant, easily readable and also contemporary.

light gray for "photography" as: subtle and not overpowering the name. The font "honey script" a free font, elegant, young, flowing and beautiful hand writing to keep it stylish.

Write your thoughts please....

I know it's missing a simple image... maybe a leaf/a camera/a target/a frame ... send those ideas guys!

Happy Sunday!

Sunday, 6 February 2011

New Zealand Day, Chinese New Year, Martini Happy Hour

I know it is an exciting title and you probably expected lots of pictures...

Well sorry to disappoint you! Whilst all that was going on in central London (although is more like: I believe all that was going on) I was underground in Covent Garden sipping some delicious MARTINI!

So today's shot is not much about London Celebrating, it's me Celebrating!

It all started with a walk around the area...
To end in delight!

Happy Sunday!

Tuesday, 1 February 2011


Yes, today's blog starts with a picture...

It is not a today picture. I found it whilst cleaning up my hard drive today, it was synched from my iPhone so not of the best quality...

Made me think when I saw it the exhibition in person and.... looking at the picture brings the same emotions!

Well shall I start by saying the exhibition was called: "surreal house" and it was held at one of London's museums. I found the whole collection.... how should i put it nicely?... bizarre? strange? odd? oh yeah.... surreal!

Well this particular piece was in a separate room and lit by a spot light in a quite dark room! guess why...

Well just something to think about!

Happy Tuesday!