Sunday, 30 January 2011

Walking around...

Today was a productive day for me... Yes I was out shooting and despite the cold I was enjoying the afternoon taking photos.
I must say I was very lucky, the sun started shining and all of a sudden it was pleasantly warm in the sunshine...
Walking from Garrat Lane to Abbey Mill, I got something like 100 pictures!
My favourites:

-Rusty bar on the fence-

-Roots emerging-

-Merton park-

-Road to success-

I had a great time in Aperture: a boost to contrast and a vignette... and that was a job done!

Happy Sunday!

Tuesday, 25 January 2011


Right.... I have been laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaazy!

First post since Thu, that's not right! Hence why I thought I will write a catch up posting. Last weekend we visited the city of Oxford and after a short and quick 1.5 hrs bus journey we were greeted by spectacular architecture and what seemed to have been a sunny day compared to the gray and rainy london weather!

We met up with Heather and went to the Rudolph Restaurant and Hotel....

and lots of people there were celebrating the end of exams. Heather was able to get us a table and we had TEA like the proper English families do on Sunday! yummmm

The bottom layer had sandwiches and they were yummy! Looking beautiful and tasking even better this was VERY filling.... I did not even finish my scone with jam and clotted cream, I was full!

We had a long and lovely chat with Heather... a needed catch up!

And after popping in a couple of shops we headed towards the bus station to catch our bus back to London. Goodbye Heather and goodbye Oxford!

And sadly it was goodbye weekend!

Thursday, 20 January 2011



Always assumed...

Always consumed...

Not often respected...

Too often neglected...

I, myself, have not been doing a great job in making this any better!

It is when you loose a dear one that it suddenly becomes obvious: life is beautiful! life is one! life is your chance to do good in this world! life is the greatest gift to humans from nature!

Live to give,
live to love,
live to dream and help someone you love fulfil their dream,
live in humbleness,
live in respect,
live... live...
because it is by living that you are who you are!

To Emma, who left us...

Rest in peace by knowing you were loved and will be missed!

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

First chapter...


The relief that comes from an exam done is like... well I am sure you all know what it is like! I am so glad I finished and I can now relax for a bit!

A big thank you to family and friends for the encouragement... Do you know what? I think I might actually pass it! I wrote (hopefully the right things) non-stop for 3 hours and almost to the last few minutes... No time to look around you or lift your eyes off the paper!

My hand was so sore, especially my thumb! gosh I need a massage!

Well here I close this first chapter! So as the title of the post suggests:" First chapter... gone!"

I shall be back on here soon and more regularly hopefully!

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, 17 January 2011

I am addicted...

As you know I am going through the "OMG the exam" period... hence the scattered posts on the blog and the crazy pictures posted... bear with me!

Another successful brownie-making day yesterday, with help, and back to notes and books! This has got to end soon, I am becoming an addict!

This mug keeps filling up with caffein... I am shaking!

Let's hope this exam mood ends soon and the exam goes well!

Happy Monday!

Saturday, 15 January 2011


My head is about to pick fire!

I'm spending the best part of my days studying and the rest sleeping and so the days go by without me even noticing if it is rain or shine!

This will be remembered as another hell weekend... one of those weekends you have before an exam. Mine is on Tue and this is the last weekend of studying before.

I am due a lovely drunk state this next weekend, anything anywhere will do! I hope you guys are having a better one!

My notes are decorating the room, what a pretty sight!

Happy weekend...

Friday, 14 January 2011

You are no longer needed...

I walked about the streets after the holidays time saddened by the cut pine trees scattered on the sidewalks...

The Christmas is over, we no longer need the tree to put all the ornaments on and so it gets put outside as waste waiting for someone to pick it up... More than once have I thought, I will pick that tree up and take it home to get some pictures done for next year Christmas cards but I never did

Just on my way back from town today, walking the same streets and all the trees that were left outside have now gone! I only managed to pick this left over off the street... a tiny little branch of what few days back was a large tree greeting friends and family, complimented upon, beautifully adorned and lit!

We sometimes reserve the same treatment to friends...  "I no longer need you, so..."


I wish...

Why do Horoscope always seem to say what you want to hear?
Yesterday whilst having lunch I read the Gemini horoscope and in a beat I thought, yessssssssss!

I just wish this time it happens as it says but does it ever? Have you ever had your horoscope come true? or was it ever a good thing that happened?

I have always been skeptical about horoscopes, I wish I could once say, yes they actually got it right and it was nice thing that happened!

A reality check tells me, nope! Keep dreaming and work hard to fulfil your dreams!

Happy Friday!

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

MSc do I really need you?

I am really getting frustrated with a life as a photographer and the life as it stands! Frustrated that one, i will never achieve the dream and two, if I keep running away from it I just have myself to blame!

Why do I get in such deep thoughts now one wonders? Well I am close to having to write an exam, in fact too close for comfort and I just know I don't really want this anymore!

Let the light come shine on my path soon!



Monday, 10 January 2011

Dust is an enemy!

I don't feel like I have had a long holiday at all by going away for the Festive Season but today I realised I have not been as good with cleaning my little "maison"! yeeeeeeeks

Dust is everywhere! Please leave me alone, I don't need any! I am busy with my life as it is without having to dust-dust!

Right, it is time to give this enemy a kick in the B***, one hand on the spray and one on the cloth! Oh wait a second... dinner comes first!

My weapon!



Sunday, 9 January 2011

Is it becoming a Julie and Julia blog?

I know I stated before it was not going to be a Julie and Julia blog but I am about to post more photos of food and wondering... well the excuse is, it's the weekend!

So today as a treat the menu for dinner was: Risotto con Asparagi (Asparagus Risotto) and for dessert Brownies.

Ingredients for success: Nice Rice for risotto, white wine, oil, butter, vegetable stock, onions, black pepper and salt... and "voilĂ  les jeux son fait" -please if you are French don't be offended by my bad spelling!- simple and delicious as it was... a dinner treat!

Bon Appetit (now it's getting even more J&J ;-P)



Keeping the figure!

I like cooking as I mentioned in my previous post, but a reality check goes something like this: You are not seriously going to eat all that!... share!

So I put a note above the brownies saying: Eat me, home-made brownies, No Wonderland tricks, It won't shrink you!

Hopefully some sensible soul in this flatshare will take pity on me and eat some away!
These are a lot of brownieeeeeeeeeeeeeees!



Saturday, 8 January 2011

New Year Resolution

It's 2011!

The resolution is to write as often as possible about myself and my passion for photography, good food, cinema, travel, crafting and anything else that comes to mind!

It is a rather grey day in London --yep that's where I 'm blogging from-- and  believe me there are quite a few of this type of days around here ;)

To start I am going show off my cooking skills so let me post a couple of pictures of what I cooked today and NO this is not a Julie&Julia kind of blog... I don't cook that often!  hence why I am showing off!

If you guessed pizza and brownies you get... Well nothing really! just to look at them!

I hope you enjoyed the sight, it certainly was tasty...

I am going to close here my FIRST post so until next time...

Peace to everyone,


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