Friday, 25 February 2011


I am delighted to have been a guest at Sarah's home today for a nice afternoon of shooting great pictures! Thank you very much for letting me into your home and allowing me to feel very relaxed and have a fun afternoon! Sorry for wrecking your home peace! LOL

To you and Monica! Girls you two ROCK!

What an honour to witness your bond! Thank you!

Talking about rocking... the song that comes to my head is: "These boots are made for walking..." Sarah one thing is for sure, STYLE is in you!
Shimmering, shining, silver shoes! Can't help it but S-it! lol

Oh was this the MJ hat? Girl you certainly can pull it out! I loved the confidence you showed when you got that on your head! I wish we had another million hats! Once again you looked gorgeous! ;-)
Is that a "I m cool I know" attitude? I love love love it!

The sun today had not willingness to show off... so we added a sun of our own!
We backlit it like no other! A sunny look for Sarah! Great fun!

One last picture...
How can one not be jealous of those eyes? contacts? Nope, she really has those amazing eyes!

Well this is all for today...

Have a great weekend!


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